Every Indiana fan
will want a pair of Hoosier style Basketball Candy Canes Warm Up pants!
These unique uniform pieces have been difficult to find in the past,
but worry no more! Brand 40 is now offering these famous look-alike
pants which allow your players to emulate the look of their favorite

Brand 40 is a leading provider of custom basketball uniforms and is
excited to add this hard to find item to their apparel line up. Based
in New Albany Indiana, Brand 40 designs and manufactures a complete
line of basketball team uniforms,
including reversible uniforms, travel
gear, warm up and tear away pants, and team polo shirts. Now they can
also offer their Indiana customers Basketball Candy Canes Warm Up pants!

Whatever the age of the team or the league they play in, Brand 40 can
provide them with sharp, colorful, custom uniforms. Wearing matching
uniforms is not only for identification purposes, but also helps to
provide a feeling of unity amongst the players. Looking good always
makes you feel good and more confident, which is especially important
in competitive sports. Showing up for warm up in their Basketball Candy
Canes Warm Up suits will give your team the edge right from the start.

Customers of Brand 40 can purchase their custom basketball uniform
products with complete confidence they are of the highest quality.
Brand 40 guarantees complete customer satisfaction. Their exclusive
products are not mass produced, but rather, each uniform order is
created to the customer’s exact specifications with great attention to
detail.  Each uniform piece is created using superior fabrics
and are designed to allow the athlete full range of motion while moving
up and down the court.

Brand 40’s basketball jerseys are a traditional sleeveless design with
large armholes and a loose, comfortable fit. Buyers of the Basketball
Candy Canes Warm Up suits will be delighted in the quality, with their
heavy duty snaps for easy tear away without damaging the
fabric.  Their unique reversible suits allow one uniform to
serve the players for both home and away games, which can result in a
financial savings.

All of Brand 40’s athletic wear is available in youth and adult sizes
and for men and women. Our website includes a detailed sizing chart
which will ensure the right fit for all pieces of the uniform for each
team member. All of our apparel is available in a wide variety of
styles and colors.

For your team’s Basketball uniforms, trust Brand 40 to suit them up
completely from the jerseys to  travel gear, including their
own Basketball
Candy Canes Warm Up
and tear away pants.