Coaches, schools, and recreational leagues invest in custom-made basketball jerseys because they look nicer on the court, improve team morale, and make a better first impression when meeting the surrounding community and competing teams. Jerseys can be ordered rather cheaply from companies that print generic products in bulk, but most teams prefer to invest a bit more in high quality products that are designed specifically for their team.

A custom order of basketball jerseys will take a bit longer to place since the coach or someone else an administrative team must select a style, color combination, and overall design. The following tips highlight things that should be kept in mind when purchasing a bulk order of custom basketball jerseys.

Sizing Matters

Time should be taken to measure each team member and compare measurements to a sizing chart for the specific company making the basketball jerseys. Using old jerseys from a different company or using a sizing chart from somewhere else is risky since there are often differences between clothing brands.

If a sizing chart for the company producing the custom basketball jerseys cannot be found online, the school or organization should request a sizing chart directly from the company.

When sizing for children, it should be considered that some may grow a bit over the course of a typical basketball season. Basketball jerseys are also intended to fit loose and comfortable.

Design Options

While most companies that make custom basketball jerseys have some established designs which can be chosen, many will also make adjustments to create designs unique to one team. The best companies to work with are those that offer a wide variety of classical and custom designs and are willing to work with groups to come up with something unique and visually appealing.

Since a bulk order of custom basketball jerseys is a big purchase, teams should never go with something that they really don’t like.

Arrival Time

Since jerseys are usually needed by a certain date for a season opening pep rally or game, it is important to do all of the sizing for players and get the custom order placed as early as possible. It takes more time for a company to produce custom basketball jerseys, especially if a unique design is going to be incorporated.

Those doing the purchasing of Basketball Uniforms should be very familiar with the timelines required by the manufacturer to ensure that every player has the required basketball jerseys in time for that big opening event. It is much better to have the jerseys arrive early than to deal with an emergency when they cannot be produced on time.As long as the job is done sooner rather than later and a professional company is chosen, the basketball jerseys will look great out on the court.