many schools, basketball practice jerseys are old team uniforms that
have been worn down to threads. They are old jerseys that have taken a
beating throughout the years and new practice jerseys are not in the
budget for replacing the old hand me downs. However, there is an
affordable uniform manufacturing company who can deliver quality
practice jerseys and stay within budget. That company is Brand 40, a basketball uniform company with a passion for quality uniforms both on and off the court.

Brand 40 is based in New Albany, Indiana. We are family owned and
operated with a passion to design and distribute quality basketball
practice jerseys and basketball uniforms. Our founder, Noy Castillo,
has always had a passion for custom quality uniforms. As a professional
basketball player overseas, he knows how a uniform can make you look
and feel good and that is our goal. You have to have confidence to play

Brand 40 is your solution to your basketball uniform needs. Our
uniforms are not pre-made in bulk. Each set of uniforms is custom made
to fit your team. Our attention to detail makes us one of the best
companies in the uniform industry. We make you look good and feel good
while you play great. Uniforms can say a lot about the team you are or
the team you are going up against. Subconsciously, you may feel
outclassed or can feel like you own the courts and have an edge against
your competition. Uniforms can give you that extra confidence you need
to play your best.

We believe in quality basketball uniforms,
basketball practice jerseys, warm up gear and travel gear to show team
pride no matter where you are. Whether you are on your way to a big
game, practicing at home or walking around the school campus, showing
your team colors says a lot about the morale of the team and helps to
encourage the fans as well. You want your team to feel great and win
for their team, their school and themselves.

When it comes to basketball practice jerseys, warm up and travel
outfits and more, we are your only stop. We can take your ideas and
make them into fantastic uniforms for your team at affordable prices.
One of the best things about reversible shorts and jerseys is that you
can double or triple your order to save even more money.

It is time you considered quality custom uniforms for your basketball
team. Our staff is professional and friendly and ready to answer your
questions. We look forward to working with you and producing basketball
uniforms your team will love. Consider basketball practice jerseys and uniforms as an affordable solution to those old, beat up and worn out uniforms of the past.