The last impression you want to give of your team when you run out on the court is that your team that can do little to no damage. You know that your team rocks the court and is capable of tearing apart even the roughest competition, but your competitors and fans don’t know that when you first run out on the court.

First impressions count for a lot in all aspects of life, and that includes first impressions when you represent your team on and off the court. That is why it is important to take great care in selecting and designing your basketball shooter shirts as well as all other pieces of your casual, warm up, and game day attire.

Design Matters

The design of your basketball shooter shirts will speak to your competitors and everyone else you come across. If the design is very similar or the exact same as other teams you won’t stand out from the crowd and your fans may get you mixed up with that other team.

If your design is not very eye-catching or falls flat, then your basketball shooter shirts will not represent your team with much style. You will fail to grab the attention of others and will merely blend into the crowd.

That’s not what you want your basketball shooter shirts to do for you. They should work on your behalf by drawing attention to your team and giving them a sharp, professional appearance that will make others look at them rather than away from them.

Custom Basketball Shooter Shirts

The only way to ensure that your basketball shooter shirts will be well designed, durable and eye-catching is to have them custom ordered. Basketball shooter shirts that are custom designed by your team or coaching staff will deliver the exact first impression you want them to deliver. They will serve as advertisement for your team by allowing every player to look professional and ready to rock the court.

Many people have the idea in their head that custom ordered basketball shooter shirts and other gear will be extremely expensive, but this is not always the case. Since the design is uniquely yours and a mass run cannot made of the product you will of course have some extra fees that would not come with premade, mass-produced basketball shooter shirts, but you can also ensure that you get higher quality fabrics and professional manufacturing of your shirts.

In the end, the benefits of having custom basketball shooter shirts that look professional and grab attention will far outweigh the minor difference in price. This is why more and more teams are now going for custom ordered basketball shooter shirts over the cheaper versions that aren’t as eye-catching.