Designing a basketball uniform that is unique to one particular team is the best way to make a team stand out from others. This is especially important for school or professional teams that have competing teams with very similar colors to their own. They want to stand out from the others with uniforms that are flashy, eye catching, and memorable.

That is why many schools and professional basketball teams are now using their own basketball uniform designs and having them custom-made. There are many companies that provide this service, with many now taking orders directly through the Internet. This makes it possible for a team in Nebraska to order a professional custom-made basketball uniform from a company operating out of New York.

Since coming up with a uniform design that stands out on the court can be challenging for those who are not professional clothing designers, the following tips should help.

#1: Stay true to your colors.

Most basketball teams have specific colors that represent their school or organization and those colors should be used strictly when a basketball uniform is designed. Each potential design should be considered from a couple different perspectives with different colors taking the more dominant areas of the basketball uniform.

For instance, a basketball uniform for a team that has white and blue as their colors will look different if most of the uniforms end up being white with blue accents than if it ends up being predominantly blue with some white accents. Each possible design for the basketball uniform should be looked at from both perspectives to see which way delivers the intended image for that team.

Some teams may like the crisp, professional look of the mainly white uniform while another team would feel better in the blue.

When ordering the custom uniforms, go over the exact shades of each color with the company fulfilling the order. There is nothing worse then receiving a bulk basketball uniform order filled with pale blue material when you wanted royal blue.

#2: Make it stand out.

Whatever design is chosen for a custom-made basketball uniform, it must be eye-popping enough to stand out on the court. If one of the team’s colors is more eye-grabbing than the other, it should be made the primary color in the basketball uniform.

Also, if the color combination for the team is unusual such as orange and blue they can be given equal room on the uniform to allow the contrast to take full effect and grab attention.

#3: Be realistic with your expectations.

It is very important to come up with a basketball uniform design that can be created in a timely fashion. Most custom designs play with the lines that go down the side of the jersey and the small images or lines that can be placed on the shorts. You usually won’t find a lot of detailed small stitching because that takes a lot of time to produce for an entire team’s Basketball Uniforms and won’t be noticed from the court anyway.

Work with a company to come up with a basketball uniform design that is reasonable to produce.