Basketball warm ups are extremely important to a successful basketball team, yet they are often what gets cut or is considered "optional" when the budget is tight. Some parents don’t want to shell out for a customized warm up suit, and some coaches don’t understand how valuable they are to the comfort and confidence of their players.

That is why we are on a mission here at Brand 40. We want to prove to the world how valuable basketball warm ups actually are. In fact, we want to take it one step further and prove to the world that customized basketball warm ups are extremely valuable to the sport.

Player Comfort

Basketball warm ups are essential for the complete comfort of basketball players prior to and after games. Most teams will use their basketball warm ups to travel to games and then back to their home town because they allow their bodies to move freely and keep them warm.

It is important to keep the muscles warm and to have freedom of movement while warming up for a game. With the right basketball warm ups, players can get warmed up for the game and stay warm while traveling.

Team Spirit

In order to be successful on the court, basketball players have to be connected together. They have to know one another very well and understand how they play. Part of connecting as a team is wearing matching basketball warm ups, so they feel like a cohesive team off the court just as they hopefully feel together on the court.

Customized basketball warm ups will give the team their own style, so they can hold their heads high with confidence. They feel like one big connected team and each member plays their own part.

Making an Entrance

Customized basketball warm ups are important because they allow each team to sport their own style. These styles often turn heads of other teams that have never seen such great warm up suits. The right basketball warm ups will look great while giving the players the functionality they need on game day.

Great looking basketball warm ups are essential for teams with high profile interest, since the players may be seen in newspapers or on local TV wearing these warm ups .The more professional and stylish they are the more professional the team as whole will seem to others.

We design customized basketball uniforms and warm ups because we know they make a difference. We know they give basketball players the confidence they need to be successful on the court. Basketball warm ups are just as important as the uniform, and that is why we are on a mission to ensure every basketball team has their own warm ups.