Indiana Hoosier fans
can now get their own pair of
Candy Canes Basketball Tear Away pants through local uniform provider,
Brand 40. These uniquely distinctive and very sought after warm up
suits are the perfect addition to any basketball team’s uniform sets.

Albany, Indiana based Brand 40 has garnered a reputation for our
incredible custom basketball uniforms. All of our athletic apparel is
of the highest quality and made to each individual team’s
specifications, unlike other uniform providers who simply mass produce
generic uniforms. At Brand 40, we offer traditional basketball uniform
jerseys, reversible uniforms, travel and warm up gear, including the
Hooser-style Candy Canes Basketball Tear Away pants, and team polo
shirts, which are perfect for the coaching staff.

All of Brand
40’s basketball uniforms are designed with comfort on the court in
mind. Our jerseys are traditional, sleeveless style, with large arm
holes and a loose fit to allow full range of motion as the player moves
up and down the court. Our reversible uniforms are a great option which
allows the team to have one uniform which can be used for both home and
away games by simply turning the shirt and shorts inside out.

Candy Canes Basketball Tear Away pants are designed to be worn for warm
up. They have heavy duty snaps which tear away easily without causing
any damage to the fabric. Players will look sharp while getting
prepared for the game whistle!

Having a great looking uniform
gets the players excited to suit up for game and can give a big
confidence boost, especially to a youthful team.  A uniform
more than identify members of a specific team, but also promotes a
feeling of unity and camaraderie amongst the players, which is
especially vital in team sports. The simple psychological advantage
provided by a professional looking uniform could be just what a team
needs to give them the edge on their competition. Adding the Candy
Canes Basketball Tear Away pants to the uniform line up allows the
players to emulate their favorite team while demonstrating their team

All of Brand 40’s basketball team uniforms
are available
in both youth and adult sizes and for men and women. Our website
includes a detailed sizing chart which will ensure the right fit for
all pieces of the uniform for each team member. All of our apparel is
available in a wide variety of styles and bold colors, perfect for any
team or league.

Indiana basketball teams won’t want to miss out
on the opportunity to get Brand 40’s highly demanded Candy
Basketball Tear Away
pants. Order them today asnd gear up for
a winning