At Brand 40, we take great pride in showing up the competition. If you are looking for college basketball game shorts designed just for your players from knowledgeable, passionate professionals who know what basketball is all about, you have come to the right place.

We know what our competition has to offer and we also know that we stand them up to them in three very important aspects:

1. We do not make uniforms in bulk. Every order is custom designed and manufactured just for your team.
2. We pay attention to the smallest details to ensure you get exactly what you ordered and are proud to wear your custom college basketball game shorts.
3. We offer excellent customer service and pride ourselves on making our customers happy.

We understand why so many of our competitors feel the need to set their designs in stone and make them up in bulk ahead of the big ordering season. They want to shave off as much cost as possible, so they can battle in the price wars against one another. They are focused on the bottom line, which you would expect from most businesses.

Here at Brand 40, we worry more about customer satisfaction and quality than we do about price wars. We are confident you will see our dedication to details and customer service and acknowledge who the real industry leader is when it comes to custom designed college basketball game shorts.

When you order custom college basketball game shorts from Brand 40, we guarantee your order will be designed and created just for you. This may take a little more time since we have to make them for you rather than just digging them out of a stuffy warehouse and ship them out, but you will be more than satisfied with the personal attention and care.

You will also be more than satisfied with the final product. Since we are focused on every small detail from the fabric to the colors and minute design features, our college basketball game shorts look better, feel better, and function better than pre-made bulk shorts you could purchase anywhere else.

We are dedicated to keeping you happy and delivering exactly what you need in terms of quality, style, and service. To ensure your college basketball game shorts fit every player perfectly, we offer an online sizing chart which allows you the convenience of ordering online without the worry of sizing issues.

We also consider all of your own design ideas and requests and work with you to come up with something that fits your team perfectly. We know all the ins and outs of designing custom college basketball game shorts and use that expertise to educate you and steer you toward the best design, the best color combinations, and the best overall quality.

Whether you want just college basketball game shorts or entire basketball uniforms, Brand 40 is the place to go. Take a look around on our website to see some of our basic designs then let us see what you have in mind for your custom order.