College basketball
teams look and feel confident in basketball uniforms and college
basketball team shorts designed by Brand40. We create uniforms that
look stylish and sharp. We make our uniforms and basketball shorts to
fit children and adults. Brand40 wants each player on the team to look
and feel good about themselves no matter what basketball league they
play in. Inspiration and design for our basketball uniform designs come
from the latest trends in sports outfitting..

Brand40 basketball uniforms for college teams are customized to
feature your own designs. Select from any of our Brand40 original or
classic uniform styles and add your own flair to them with your team’s
name, colors and logo. You can also have player’s names and jersey
numbers put on the back. We offer complimentary uniform design services
for coaches having trouble choosing a basketball jersey and college
basketball team shorts combination for their basketball team. You will
get the best design advice from our team of experienced uniform
designers. You will work with our designers to create a basketball
uniform your team can be proud of. Designers will advise you on which
colors are best, which fonts stand out and where to place your logo so
it is seen from the stands. It can be difficult to choose a basketball
team uniform
that everyone on your college basketball team will
like. Brand40 has the design and style options to outfit your college
basketball team in a look they can be proud of. We offer special
jerseys and college basketball team shorts as part of our line of
customizable basketball uniforms. You can also order travel gear, warm
up jerseys and practice uniforms from Brand40.

Brand40 custom designed basketball uniforms are available in a number
of sizes to fit your college basketball team members. We offer standard
cut sizing and body fit sizes in our basketball jerseys and college
basketball team shorts. Every player on your team can wear a uniform
that fits them perfectly. We use top quality fabrics to create our
college basketball team shorts, travel gear, practice uniforms and
basketball jerseys. Ventilated fabrics allow jerseys to wick away sweat
faster than other fabrics to keep players dry under the most heated

Even the tallest players on your team can be outfitted in a basketball
uniform from brand40. We offer a large range of sizes guaranteed to fit
comfortably and allow free range of motion. Your college basketball
team players will not feel constricted or suffocated in their jerseys
from Brand40. They will not feel as if their clothes are falling off
and dragging on the ground. Finding basketball uniforms to fit larger
players is a challenge. We offer specially designed college
basketball team shorts
and jerseys to fit even your biggest