Our Custom basketball shorts are comfortable and easy to move in. They
allow for movement while running or walking and are loose fitting to
prevent restriction during twists and turns while passing the ball or
making the winning shot. They are also made of quality materials and
designed to fit the personality of your team. Brand 40 is your
affordable solution to quality basketball uniforms.

Brand 40 is located in New Albany, Indiana and is family owned and
operated. Our goal is to provide your team with a basketball uniform
that makes them look and feel great. After all, if they feel great then
they will play great and that means the possibility of more wins, which
in turn boosts their confidence and playing power. Noy Castillo, our
founder, understands this first hand from when he played basketball. He
understood the psychology behind a great looking uniform and how it can
boost self-esteem and confidence on the courts.

We, at Brand
, ensure quality by designing and producing your custom
basketball shorts and uniforms at the same time and to your
specification. We feel you get a better quality uniform and better
workmanship when we use this process. This means we do not mass produce
a bunch of pre-made uniforms only to add your logo later. Instead, they
are stitched together and imprinted on an as needed basis for your

When it comes to custom basketball shorts, warm up gear, coaches’ polos
and travel outfits and more, we are your only stop. We can take your
ideas and make them into fantastic, good looking uniforms for your team
at great prices.

Here on our website you will find our custom basketball shorts and
uniform designs. We can add your logo and team name to any of these
styles. Our website also gives you a size chart so you can be sure you
get the right sized uniform for each team member. There is also a
contact form and our phone number on our website and our staff is
friendly and professional.

We look forward to working with you and helping you design a uniform
your team will love. You will see the quality in Brand 40 basketball team uniforms and remember,
you are getting the best value for your team’s money with Brand 40.
Order your custom basketball shorts today and see for yourself that you
have chosen the best in the industry to make uniforms for the best
basketball team.

With our attention to detail and pride in providing a great customer
experience we are sure that you will choose Brand 40 for all of your custom basketball shorts
and team gear needs.