year’s NCAA post season uniforms rocked the Basketball world by
bringing unexpected and extreme fashion designs onto the basketball
court.  Normally, players jaunt about the boards in bold
colors, stripes, color blocks, and simple, geometric designs. However,
the NCAA post season uniforms for several colleges took a cue from
urban chic fashion and added a touch of camouflage to their
uniforms.  Bold colors were marked with stylish camouflage
patterns that livened up the normally solid or striped
uniforms.  The look was an instant hit and many athletic
directors and coaches want to replicate this look for their
team.  Big brand names, however, can be expensive,
particularly for smaller or amateur teams or schools. Still, if you
want the latest looks and hottest styles in basketball uniforms,
Brand40 can help.

Brand40 is a family run business that specializes in the creation of
basketball team uniforms that come in a
variety of comfortable styles
without the expensive cost of big brand names and sponsors. 
Brand40 understands that it is important for any team – school, church,
private group, or organization – to have uniforms that represent their
personality and style and that also serve to give them a cohesive
look.  Basketball uniforms are not just clothes to play or
practice in, but they are badges of team identity and togetherness.
Just like the heraldry of knights of yore made armies unified and
easily identifiable, so does a well designed basketball uniform help
pull together a team. The camouflage design NCAA post season uniforms
from Brand40 are not the brand name uniforms seen in the playoffs, but
they are quality uniforms that mimic these popular designs for an
affordable cost and a quality product.

How can a uniform give you an edge? Simply put – no team likes to feel
outclassed and intimidated by an opponent that clearly has more
resources, funding, and preparation.  Standing on the court in
mismatched uniforms or uniforms that are badly in need of updating can
be demeaning and demoralizing to any basketball team, no matter what
level of play.  Investing in quality basketball uniforms, thus, can give
your team an edge.  Whether it is lookalike camo design NCAA
post season uniforms or Brand40’s other classic designs, a uniform can
help your team perform better.  You can choose from
pre-designed uniforms or customize your own.  If you have no
idea where to start, Brand40’s owner, Noy Castillo, and friendly sales
staff can help you pick the choices that will make your basketball
uniforms pop. No idea whether to do reversible colors? Opposing
patterns? Stripes, zig zags or camouflage? Logos or plain? Let Brand40
help you choose the design that works best.
Whether you want to make your own customized design to reflect your
team, or pursue the hot new look of the camouflage design NCAA post
, Brand40 can help you today!