A reversible basketball jersey can serve a lot of purposes for your team. It can serve two purposes – used as a combo game day and practice session jersey. It can give variety for teams that wear their jerseys to school or other social functions. There are so many different ways to use a reversible basketball jersey that most teams are now using them to some extent.

Yet, having your reversible basketball jersey custom ordered is the best thing you can do when they will be worn off of the practice court. A jersey that is going to double as a game day uniform or which will be worn to press events or out into the school and community should be designed just for your team. It should be something completely unique to you so no one else has the exact same jersey.

The problem is many teams don’t know how to go about designing their own unique reversible basketball jersey. That’s why we decided to offer some tips. We have been designing reversible jerseys as well as other basketball apparel for many years and in that time we have amassed a lot of knowledge.

We would be happy to share our knowledge with you if you allow us to design your reversible basketball jersey, but for now consider a few quick tips that may lead to some initial ideas of your own:

#1: Small details make a huge difference.

The design feature that sets one team apart from all others and makes their uniforms distinguishable at first site is often something very small. It’s a line that swerves where every other typical reversible basketball jersey would deliver a straight line. It’s an odd color or a color combination that really grabs the eye. It’s a completely original detail that grabs the eye of fans.

You don’t need a huge idea to make your reversible basketball jersey stand out, but you do need to make sure all the fine details are well thought out.

#2: Use customizable designs for inspiration.

If you look around on our website you will find some basic designs which can be customized with your own ideas. You can use these basic patterns as inspiration or a springing board for you own ideas. We put them up to show you some basic ideas in order to get your creative juices flowing for your own unique spin-offs.

#3: Get the players involved.

If you are at a loss for design ideas ask your players what their ideas are. Some players are quite good at design. If you bring their ideas to us we can help you come up with a great reversible basketball jersey that represents the spirit of your team.

There is a lot that goes into designing and producing customized basketball uniforms. If you know you want something different for the upcoming season but feel overwhelmed with how to get the design for your reversible basketball jersey down on paper, bring your ideas to us and leave the rest in our hands.