The purchase of a team uniform for your basketball program is a pretty
big deal. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect
Basketball uniforms. The ideal basketball team uniform will come with a
great customer experience, be of superior quality and look great. At
Brand 40 we offer a high quality, great looking product and excellent
customer service. We have nearly three decades of experience providing
quality uniforms to the basketball community, and we look forward to
providing basketball team uniforms to your team
with customer
satisfaction that is second to none.

With Brand 40, you will never receive a uniform that has been sitting
in a warehouse for a long period of time or that was a leftover from
another team’s order. We do not pre-make uniforms in bulk. 
When you place your basketball team uniform order with Brand 40, your
team uniforms are special made from start to finish, just for your

You can take pride in having the creative hand in working with us to
design the basketball uniform that is just right for your school, your
league, and your team. Whether you are looking for one of our classic designs,
reversible sets or one of our Brand 40 original designs, we will
provide you with a high quality, durable team uniform that is unique to
your team and 1st class in its design.

Let us be honest for a moment, the look and feel of your player’s
basketball team uniform has a lot to do with how well they play.
Players that look good and feel great bring an extra boost of
confidence to the court. Nobody likes to play in uniforms that look and
feel like hand me downs. When your team’s uniform numbers are faded and
the fabric is worn, they just feel like less of an athlete than when
the team is wearing brilliant, stylish uniforms.

Our basketball uniforms not only look great
but they feel great and fit
properly. Uniforms that fit properly can give your players the
competitive edge they need to out play their opponents.

With Brand 40, not only will your players look and feel great on the
court, your coaching staff will look great as well, with our matching
team polos. Your players will also travel in style and practice with
pride with coordinated travel gear and basketball team warmup gear.

At Brand 40 we do what we love to do and take pride in providing great
great looking, high-quality basketball team uniforms and first class
customer service. We are a family business built on core values that
all athletes respect. This is not just a business for us, it is our
passion. Contact us today to fill your basketball team uniform
needs and
get the customer service you expect.