Indiana Hoosier fans
looking for a pair of their infamous Candy Canes Tear Away pants for
their youth basketball team will be thrilled to know they can get them
from local uniform manufacturer, Brand 40! This leading provider of
custom basketball uniforms is thrilled to be able to offer these unique
look-alike pants to basketball players who want to emulate their
favorite team.

The New Albany, Indiana based company designs and manufactures a
complete line up of basketball athletic wear which includes traditional
basketball team uniforms, reversible uniforms, travel and warm up gear,
Candy Canes Tear Away pants, and even team polo shirts, which are ideal
for the coaching staff. All of their uniform pieces are completely
customizable to reflect your team’s colors and logos.

A good coach knows the importance of a psychological advantage and that
suiting your team up in a quality uniform can help to provide just that
advantage. While from the stands a uniform may simply help you to
identify which team the player belongs to, the mental benefits of
matching uniforms goes much deeper. The identical apparel provides the
team with a sense of unity, which is key in all team sports. Dressing
out in a high quality, attractive basketball uniform will give your
players an added boost of confidence when they hit the court.

However, do not wait for the game whistle to get your player’s heads in
the game! The warm up is an important part of preparing to win and your
team will be inspired for greatness when they get to warm up in Brand
40’s distinctive Candy Cane Tear Away pants.

All of the basketball uniforms designed and manufactured by Brand 40
are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Their uniforms are not
mass produced, but rather made to each team’s exact specifications.
There is great attention to detail paid on every article they create.
All of the colors are bold and will make sure your team stands out from
their competition.

At Brand 40, we use only superior fabrics and the uniforms are designed
to allow the athlete full range of motion as they move up and down the
court. Our basketball jerseys are a traditional sleeveless design with
large armholes and a loose, comfortable fit. Our Candy Canes Tear Away
pants feature heavy duty snaps for easy tear away without damaging the
fabric.  Our unique reversible uniforms allow one product to
serve the team for both home and away games.

At Brand 40, we offer our unique athletic wear in adult and youth sizes
for both men and women. Our detailed sizing chart will ensure the right
fit is ordered for each team member.

Get your players geared up for the game with a stunning, complete
uniform from Brand 40. From Candy Cane Tear Away pants for warm up to
the game jersey, your team will be dressed out to win!