Would your Indiana
basketball team like to show up looking sharp in their very own Candy
Canes Warm Up suits? Brand 40 is here to help! This leading provider of
custom basketball uniforms has this hard to find item and is ready to
help your team suit up.

Brand 40 is based out of New Albany, Indiana and designs and produces a
complete line of athletic wear including basketball team uniforms,
reversible uniforms, travel gear, and team polo shirts. Now they have
added the famous Indiana Hoosier style Candy Canes Warm Up and tear
away pants to their basketball uniform lineup.

Whether for your church or youth basketball league or a high school
basketball team, Brand 40 will make sure your team looks like they came
to play! Wearing matching, custom uniforms does not just help to
identify your team, but also gives your team a feeling of unity and
spirit. Looking and feeling good in well-made, matching, basketball uniforms
can give your players just the confidence boost they need to get out on
the court and shoot to win.

Having the right warm up gear is almost as important as their uniforms
and can help your players get pumped up and ready to play. From the
moment they suit up the players will have their heads in the game. Now,
to have the opportunity to own a much sought after Candy Canes Warm Up
suit to show off their team spirit is incredible!

All of the basketball uniform
products designed and manufactured by Brand 40 are of the highest
quality. They are not mass produced, but instead are specially made for
your team to your exact specifications. All articles of clothing are
created with exceptional attention to detail, with bold colors to
guarantee your players stand out from their competition.

All of Brand 40’s jerseys are sleeveless with large armholes and
designed to be loose fitting and comfortable, allowing full range of
motion while playing. The unique Candy Canes Warm Up pants are
well-made with heavy duty snaps for quick tear away without causing any
damage to the article of clothing.

Brand 40 offers our unique athletic wear in adult and youth sizes for
both men and women. Our detailed sizing chart will ensure the right fit
is ordered for each team member.

While a trip to the local t-shirt shop may seem like an easy solution
for your team uniforms, any good coach knows the importance of the
psychological advantage, which can easily start with their team’s
appearance. Taking the time to suit up your team in custom gear from
Brand 40 will prepare them for a win! Surprise them by adding the new Candy
Canes Warm Up
suits to this season’s uniform order!