In November of last year, two teams made basketball history by playing
in the first ever Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. Camo uniforms were
worn by both teams to celebrate the unique patriotic, military feel of
the game. The game was played on board a real aircraft carrier, the USS
Carl Vinson, on Nov. 11, 2011. On a temporary basketball court built
right on the main flight deck, the North Carolina Tar Heels defeated
the Michigan Spartans 67-55 in front of more than 8,000 spectators and
on live TV.

So why all the buzz? This historic game marked the beginning of what is
sure to be a new trend in basketball. There are a number of reasons why
it caught so much attention: playing on the deck of an aircraft carrier
is just about the coolest possible backdrop for a real basketball game.
At the Carrier Classic, camo uniforms were really a big part of the
buzz though: revealed just weeks before play time, both teams wore
specialty camouflage uniforms for the game. The Tar Heels wore bright
blue camouflage that had an aquatic look to it, while Michigan wore
cool gray-and-white camo that invoked the color of clouds. It was a
battle of sea against sky and both teams looked at home on the deck of
a military vessel.

However, fans have been disappointed by just one fact: neither team has
made their special Carrier Classic camo uniforms available for purchase
by the general public. As soon as the camouflage basketball uniforms
were revealed in October there was an immediate interest from fans of
both sides in wearing their own camo team gear, and in the aftermath of
the epic game the demand has only gone up. But for the time being both
teams have returned to their normal basketball team uniforms
and neither have added the camo version to their official licensed gear.

But the Spartans and Tar Heels weren’t the first to come up with the
idea of camouflage uniforms. Well ahead of the teams, Brand40 released
its own take on camouflage uniforms in September. Now you can get your
own basketball uniform
that is very similar to the Carrier Classic camo uniforms. As a major
supplier of basketball gear for individuals and teams, the Brand40 camo
gear comes made to standards for actual team gear on the court and are
being picked up by teams on the court and fans in the stands.

These uniforms make great urban gear or can become the new uniform for
your own team. If you want to capture the feel of the Carrier
Classic, camo uniforms
are the way to go. Look and feel good
on the court or the street with these hip designs from Brand40.