Ever since the Carrier Classic, camouflage uniforms have been in short
supply among fans. The camo jerseys and shorts worn by two teams –
exotic blue for the North Carolina State Tar Heels and strong gray for
the Michigan State Spartans – made an immediate impression on fans and
other teams across all the leagues, from neighborhoods up to the pros.
So far few other teams have launched their own take on camo jerseys,
and neither NC nor Michigan State have offered official merchandise
versions of their own. A lot of fans feel left out of the loop.

Luckily, one basketball uniform
manufacturer is ahead of the game. Brand40 has been producing quality
camo jerseys and shorts since September, two months before the Carrier
Classic. Camouflage uniforms are a new sight on the basketball court
and are being widely sought after, both by individuals looking for a
cool urban look and by teams looking to buff up their image at the
game. For the last few months it’s been hard to find camo uniforms to
capture that feel but now Brand40 is making them available to everyone.

These are no cheap knock-offs. After the Carrier Classic, camouflage
uniforms were the light bulb that went off over the heads of of many
uniform and equipment designers. As of press time, numerous
manufacturers are scrambling to put unlicensed repro’s into production
as fast as they can. There may be a flood of imitations on the market.
Only Brand40 had the idea independently before the Carrier Classic, and
provides customized Camo tops and shorts with quality materials ready
to serve as official basketball uniforms.

The Carrier Classic was a first-time sports event that has now become
legend. Played outdoors on the deck of an actual US aircraft carrier in
front of 8,000 service men and women, and guests, the event was a media
firestorm. In the middle of the first half the game was paused at
sunset while sailors officially retired the carrier’s flags for the
evening, underscoring the patriotic nature of the event. The giant
courtside lights came on it was game time again. The Carrier Classic
camouflage uniforms solidified the image of the two teams as soldiers
fighting for victory.

Brand40 basketball team uniforms
are a great way to bring that same powerful imagery to your team at any
level of the league system. Kids look great and feel special in these
sport camos and men’s and women’s teams bring a special fierceness to
the court when they put them on. If you’ve been caught up in the
excitement of the Carrier
Classic, camouflage uniforms
are the best way to show it off.
And right now they are only available from one top-line manufacturer: