There is a reason why you see all professional basketball teams sporting custom made basketball jerseys these days. It’s not just because they have high dollar sponsors paying the big bucks for the flashy designs and the high quality fabrics.

While professional teams do have reputations to live up to and are a commercial product that needs to be sold to consumers (the fans who pay for tickets), this isn’t even the entire reason the pros only use custom made basketball jerseys.

So, what is the reason why professional basketball teams use the highest quality custom made basketball jerseys? It all comes down to the mental component of the game. Basketball players get into each other’s heads and play off of emotions, fears and mental weaknesses to intimidate one another.

Custom made basketball jerseys are a vital part of the mental aspects of the game. When one team hits the court decked out in stylish, flashy custom made basketball jerseys and the other team is wearing worn out, dingy jerseys that have been handed down for years, there is a mental disadvantage to the team wearing the old, outdated jerseys.

The team wearing the custom made basketball jerseys will feel more confident. They will look down on the other team and feel they have the game in the bag. Similarly, the team in the old uniforms will feel intimidated and will feel like the underdogs even though that may not be true on a competitive, physical level.

The image that a professional basketball team wants to uphold weighs heavily on the decision to splurge for custom made basketball jerseys. When fans look at the players decked out in a custom made uniform they are impressed. They feel as if they are looking at the real deal; a team worth paying attention to.

If the same team hit the streets or the court in lower quality jerseys they would not get the same response from the crowd. They would struggle more to get fans to follow and love them.

Custom made basketball jerseys are therefore essential to pumping up the confidence and energy level of the players as well as to prove the value of the team to fans. They also go a long way to boost the morale of the team and to intimidate and forewarn the competition.

Today, all professional basketball teams use custom made basketball jerseys. This is advised for all semi-pro or youth teams as well. Custom made basketball jerseys will make a huge difference in how the team performs out on the court and how they are received by the fans in the stands.

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