You have a choice when it comes to selecting warm up attire for your team. You could go with custom warm up jackets that are exactly what you dream of them being, but of course, you will have to pay a higher price for them. Or, you could go for the cheapest warm up jackets you can find and save a bit of money.

In many cases, this decision is made by whomever happens to be paying for the jackets. This could be the parents of the players who make the team or an organization sponsoring the team or hosting the program that makes the team available to players. Whatever it is in your case, this article is designed to help you determine whether you really need custom warm up jackets or if you could get by with something more cost effective.

The Argument for Custom Jackets

The biggest advantage to using custom warm up jackets is of course that they look a lot better than other jackets. They can be infused with whatever style you want and you have a lot of control over how the colors are used, what type of lines are incorporated and how the final product looks overall.

When you go with custom warm up jackets you can ensure that they display the true spirit and personality of your team. If you are a group of serious ballers who are ready to take down the competition with a no-nonsense attitude, then a nicely designed navy blue custom warm up jacket with thin white piping can give you the professional look you want.

Or, if you are a playful team that just loves to trick the opposing team and win with thrilling movements that bring your fans to their feet screaming, you may go with a white custom warm up jacket with navy blue accents.

In both of these custom warm up jackets the color scheme is the same, but putting one color dominant over the other changes the feel that you get from the overall jacket. Only custom warm up jackets can give you that kind of versatility with the style.

Also, custom warm up jackets are often made with higher quality materials and processing standards than cheap premade jackets. While they may cost a bit more upfront, they will last much longer than other jackets and save you money in the long run.

The Argument Against Custom Jackets

The biggest drawback to going with custom jackets is that they may cost a bit more. This is because they are unique to your team so they are only being processed for you. Custom warm up jackets cost more to produce than mass-produced jackets and of course that extra expense is going to be passed on to the consumer.

That is the only downfall to going with custom warm up jackets! If you can afford to go this route it will definitely pay off in the short and long term. Contact Brand 40 today and ask about custom basketball uniforms.