When we design and produce custom warm up suits, we have two goals in mind:

1. Deliver high quality custom warm up suits exactly as ordered.
2. Deliver trendy custom warm up suits that look great on and off the court.

We take the quality of our custom warm up suits seriously. We ensure that every warm up suit looks great and we’re using the best materials and every stitch is perfect.

Our attention to quality means you don’t have to worry about your custom warm up suits unraveling at the seams before and after practice or when your team is getting ready for the big game.

We do our job creating great custom warm up suits here at Design 40 so you can do your job out on the court!

When you order custom uniforms or warm ups you need to order from someone who understands how the game is played. Brand 40 is not only a company that understands what you do, but we make it our business to live in the basketball world along with you. When you order custom warm up suits from us you can expect durable, well sewn pieces that will hold up to your active lifestyle.

Yet, we also understand that you want to look good when you go to those games. You want a warm up suit that can be worn around town prior to practice or to interviews as you load off the bus and head in for an away game. You want to look good and you want to intimidate the competition with your professional, confident demeanor.

Take just a moment to browse the design options presented on our Brand 40 website, and you will quickly see that we know what is stylish and trendy in the basketball world. We know all the classical designs and make them available, but we are also not afraid to break the mold and get creative with our designs. We offer a little something for everyone regardless of what your style may be.

Your custom warm up suits are your comfort zone. They have to move with you and stand up to sweat and hard work. They have to be ready for the intensity of the game. Rest assured that no one understands all of that better than Brand 40.

Take some time to look at the design options presented on the website then contact us. We can work together to design the perfect custom warm up suits for your team. Quality is essential with basketball uniforms and style is everything. Here at Brand 40 we pride ourselves on delivering both to every customer, every team.