Is your team in need of a new girls basketball uniform set for the
upcoming season? Then you need quality uniforms that will last
throughout the season. To feel a part of a team, each player’s uniforms
should match. You do not need to dress your team in worn out basketball
team uniforms
. At Brand 40, we offer your team great looking
performing uniforms that will stand out and wow your players and their
fans. New uniforms will help build morale and confidence in each of
your players as well.

Brand 40 is your one stop solution to
your team of girls basketball
uniform and team gear needs. We offer quality basketball uniforms so
your whole team can match and feel great together. Teamwork also
includes looking like a team and a matching basketball uniform can help
each individual look like part of a winning team.

Noy Castillo, a professional basketball player, founded Brand 40. His
love for uniforms started in mini-league basketball and has continued
over 29 yeas. We are family owned and operated based in New Albany,
Indiana. We design and distribute custom, quality uniforms to many
youth and adult basketball teams. Our girls’ basketball uniform
selection allows us to share our love for sports and uniforms with our
customers. We make you look good and feel good while you play great!

Your basketball uniforms can say a lot about
the team you are or the
team you are going up against. Subconsciously, you can feel outclassed
or can feel like you own the courts and have an edge against your
competition. Uniforms can give you that extra confidence when you play.
It is true when they say how you look affects how you feel so it is
important to help your players look like a winning team so they can
feel like a winning team and play to the best of their ability.

We encourage you to browse our website and look at the cool uniform
products we offer and pictures of some of our past customers on our
about us page. We also
include a size chart page so you can
be sure to
order the sizes you need without question, to fit. We can make your
girls basketball uniform sets along with other great looking travel
gear to complete the look.

We know you will find quality in our uniforms and always consider us as
your one stop solution to your team’s uniform needs. Whether you want
basic training jerseys or custom basketball uniforms, we can provide
you quality uniforms to fit your needs. We look forward to working with
you and providing you the best girls
basketball uniform

sets you can buy.