If you want the best high school basketball jerseys for your team, then
Brand40 is your solution. We offer you great looking, long lasting
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basketball uniforms, warm up gear and travel gear for your team. We
pride ourselves on quality, custom uniforms. Our goal is to make your
team look and feel great. We believe that when you feel great you will
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When you want quality high school basketball jerseys, it is important
to get what you want. We do not believe in bulk producing basketball
team uniforms
and later imprinting your mascot, logo or team
name on
them. Instead, we design, develop and manufacture your basketball
uniforms to your specific needs. This helps to ensure quality and to
make sure your team’s gear is uniform in look and design.

We are a family owned and operated company based in New Albany,
Indiana. Our founder, Noy Castillo, is a professional basketball player
overseas. His passion for high quality uniforms stems from his personal
experience on the court. We feel our business is about building strong
and lasting relationships with our customers and we feel this business
lets us share our love for sports and high school basketball jerseys
with you and your team.

Noy understands how it feels to run onto the courts to meet your
competition and feel less than the strong athlete you are. He remembers
a time where he had to where stock-designed uniforms and was up against
a team of athletes in their top of the line uniforms. He also remembers
how great he felt when appearing in his first class basketball uniform.
He felt like he had the upper hand in the game and it gave him the
extra confidence he needed to play his best. That is what gave him the
motivation to create high school basketball jerseys that look good,
feel great and are long lasting.

At Brand40,
we provide more than you ask for in basketball uniforms,
travel gear, warmups, reversible uniforms and coaches’ team polo shirts
as well as high school basketball jerseys. Your team will look good and
feel great from the players on the court through to your coaching staff.

It is time you helped your team look, feel and play their best. Give
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