basketball gear needs to be designed with comfort and coolness in mind.
Things can get pretty heated on the courts so being able to move freely
and feel comfortable is important to playing your best. They allow for
movement while running or walking and are loose fitting to prevent
restriction during twists and turns while passing the ball or making
the winning shot. Brand 40 offers you affordable, quality basketball
team uniforms
for your team with stylish designs and your
choice of
color combinations.

Professional athlete, Noy Castillo, knows first-hand how basket ball
can make you feel. Quality mens basketball gear can
give you
confidence and make you feel like you are the greatest athlete that has
ever bounced a basketball on the court. However, a not so great uniform
can make you feel timid and put you at a disadvantage. Subconsciously,
uniforms can give you the edge you need to win. Noy founded Brand 40
because of a passion for quality uniforms and love of the game.

We are located in New Albany, Indiana as a family owned and operated
business. We want to share our love for basketball team sports and
uniforms with you and we do so through quality materials and
workmanship as well as exceptional customer service and striving to
meet our customers needs and expectations. We sell warm up gear, travel
and more as well as uniforms that are custom tailored to
needs as a team. We cater to both men and women teams, college and high
school teams and youth teams across America. You can be sure that you
are getting the very best value for your team when you purchase mens
basketball gear and sets for your team of adult athletes.

At Brand 40, We believe in designing a custom uniform for your team and
then producing it in the quantity you need. We do not pre-make uniforms
for off the shelf delivery. Each and every order is designed by you, to
your specification and manufactured specifically for your team. When
you order from Brand 40, you can be sure that when you step on to the
court, your team will look different and better than the competition.

We look forward to working with you and helping you design a uniform
your team will love. You will see the quality in Brand 40 basketball
uniforms and remember, you are getting the best value for your team
with Brand 40. Order your mens basketball gear today and see for
yourself that you have chosen the best in the industry for all your mens basketball