Mens basketball shorts are designed with comfort and coolness in mind.
Things can get pretty heated on the courts so being able to move freely
and feel comfortable is important to playing your best. They allow for
airflow and coolness during an intense game. They allow for movement
while running or walking and are loose fitting to prevent restriction
during twists and turns while passing the ball or making the winning
shot. Brand 40 offers you affordable, quality basketball uniforms for
your team with stylish designs and your choice of color combinations.

Brand 40 is located in New Albany, Indiana and is family owned and
operated. Our goal is to provide your team with a basketball uniform
that makes them look and feel great. We do not bulk produce our
uniforms and add your logos to them later. We ensure quality by
designing and producing our mens basketball shorts and uniforms at the
same time. We feel you get a better quality uniform and better
workmanship when we use this process.

Professional athlete, Noy Castillo, knows first-hand how uniforms make
you feel. A quality basketball uniform can give you confidence and make you feel
like you are the greatest athlete that has ever bounced a basketball on
this planet. However, a not so great uniform can make you feel timid
and put you at a disadvantage. Subconsciously, uniforms can give you
the edge you need to win. Brand 40 is his company, created because of a
passion for quality uniforms.

Our website shows you our mens basketball shorts and jersey designs. We
also have warm up and travel gear to match your team colors. We can add
your logo and team name to any of these styles. Our website also gives
you a size chart so you can be sure you get the right sized uniform for
each team member. There is also a contact form and our phone number on
our website and our staff is friendly and professional.

Brand 40 offers you quality mens basketball sorts at affordable prices.
One of the financial advantages to our uniforms is that you can
purchase two or three uniforms per player and get a reduced rate for
the bigger quantity. We already offer great pricing and low minimum
quantities but a bigger bulk order helps save money. We believe in
designing a custom uniform for your team and then producing it in the
quantity you need.

We look forward to working with you and helping you design a uniform
your team will love. You will see the quality in Brand 40 uniforms and
remember, you are getting the best value for your team’s money with
Brand 40. Order your mens basketball shorts today
and see for yourself that you have chosen the best in the industry to
make uniforms for the best basketball team.