Have you seen the Michigan State Carrier Classic uniform design? These
specialty fatigue-style basketball team uniforms
debuted just weeks before the big game against North Carolina. Showing
off their American patriotism the Spartans showed up with the United
States flag near one shoulder on the front of their jersey. The players
gave up having their own names on the back so that USA could be
stenciled in big letters there instead. These touches were nice for an
event designed to support our troops, but what really got the Navy
sailors cheering was the unique design: Michigan distorted its usual
team colors into a striking white and gray camouflage that put them
right at home among the service men, and stood in stark contrast to the
more exotic blue camo that North Carolina wore.

The Carrier Classic was a banner event. Sponsored by Quicken Loans, it
grabbed headlines and drew a huge fan base because of its unique
setting. For the first time, two major college teams converged for a
grudge match on board a United States Navy aircraft carrier. With
thousands of military crew watching from the stands, the two teams
confronted one another on a specially constructed open-air court. The
sun went down, the ship’s flags were retired for the night, and the
showdown ran on. Each Michigan State Carrier Classic uniform seemed to
appear out of the dusk like spirits in the night and disappear just as

The Michigan State Carrier Classic uniform design is generating a lot
of buzz, and there is a reason for that. Although ultimately the
Spartans were beaten by a hair, their appearance on the court still
inspired millions. The sailors on board the USS Carl Vinson that night
could sense it, and the fans could too. The only problem? The fans have
not been able to buy a version of their own for their own sports teams.

Brand 40, a leading line of basketball uniforms,
has come to the rescue. No company has been licensed to officially
replicate the Michigan State Carrier Classic uniform. But Brand40 does
not have to. This forward-thinking company came up with the idea for
camo jerseys independently, and launched them two months before the
Carrier Classic. The result is a trend-leading line of Brand40
uniforms, made to regulation for official games but designed with the
in-your-face camo that basketball teams want more of.

Brand40’s take on the camo basketball uniform
is being picked up across the board. More coaches are looking at
ordering their own custom camo’s for their youth, AAU, men’s and
women’s basketball teams so they can show off their warrior spirit on
the court. The Michigan
State Carrier Classic uniform
sparked a new movement in
sporting gear and with Brand40’s design your team can join that
movement. .