NCAA camouflage uniform was all of the rage this year on the
courts.  With a major brand sponsor, many of the competing
schools in the NCAA tournament sported fancy new uniforms decked in
camouflage print.  These shorts and tops, decked with
brilliant school colors and dazzling camouflage patterns were the
fashion rage of the courts during the spring. As basketball

go, these uniforms combined team spirit with striking urban style,
bringing one of the hottest fashion trends from the streets to the
athletic arena.  The NCAA camouflage uniform may be a style
that you are interested in purchasing but you may have considered that
expensive brand names are not the best use of funds for your
team.  If that is the case, then Brand 40 has all of your

The NCAA camouflage uniform was a stunning success on the court this
spring.  The urban touch that is popular in regular clothing
fashions made the basketball uniforms stand out and were an unusual
departure from the normal color blocks, stripes, and patterns of
standard basketball uniforms.  A stand out looking team, as
many players will tell you, is far more intimidating than one with
boring or plain uniforms. Worse yet are teams with no uniforms at all.
Feeling under-funded and under-classed before you even begin play can
really take the impact out of your game. While uniforms do not make the
skill of a team, they can certainly give a team an edge. 
Smart athletic directors and coaches know this and want to outfit their
teams in the best manner possible.

Brand 40 can help with all your uniform
needs. Perhaps you want the
NCAA camouflage uniform look, or perhaps you want a classic or custom
design that better suits your team.  Whatever the option, you
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Whether you are a school team, private organization team, community
sponsored team, or church team, Brand 40 can help you create a cohesive
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even travel gear are all available to give your team a fashionable
edge. With uniforms ranging from the classic to the cutting edge styles
that mimic the NCAA camouflage

look, Brand 40 has uniforms that will suit your needs.