If you’re a fan of college basketball, unless you’ve been hibernating
for the last three months you have seen the North Carolina Carrier
Classic uniform. The North Carolina Tar Heels put their team colors to
new use in a cutting edge design revealed in October. The jersey design
features a camouflage pattern of mixed blues, eye-catching and well
suited to a game played aboard a naval vessel. The team also boosted
its patriotism level, emblazoning USA on the back of the jerseys where
the players’ names would normally go. These strong new uniforms have
fans talking.

The North Carolina Carrier Classic uniform was designed for the first
ever Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. The game, which gained fame for
being played on the deck of an actual, active United States aircraft
carrier, represented a great victory for NC. Thousands of Navy
personnel, and millions of viewers at home watched as the Tar Heels
demolished the Michigan Spartans 67-55 with Barnes leading the way to

These basketball uniforms
bring a powerful feel to an already aggressive sport. Basketball
players are by trade agile, fast-moving athletes. As they weave their
way across the court, seeing them with a military style camouflage
uniform just adds to the excitement and ferocity. The basketball uniform
design does not just work for North Carolina. Carrier Classic uniform
designs are being looked at by other teams at the college and pro
level. The Carrier Classic is set to repeat next year and we will
surely see more teams bringing the fatigues for game day. And at the
same time, local teams are eyeing them up for their own use and fans
are demanding a chance to wear them to show their support and make
their own style statement.

There is no company that is licensed to sell the North Carolina Carrier
Classic uniform design pattern but there is one company that is
stepping up to give the fans what they want. Since September 2011,
Brand40 has been supplying camouflage basketball team uniforms
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As more teams realize the buzz the camouflage uniforms generate, they
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off their style.

Brand40 has gotten ahead of what is rapidly becoming the next big trend
in sports wear. The North
Carolina Carrier Classic uniform
design has set off a wave of
excitement and now your team has the chance to own camo uniforms of
their own.