You work hard and sweat hard. You put out maximum effort to get your team ready for the next big game. You should expect that your reversible practice jerseys work just as hard.

Here at Brand 40, we know the value of a good practice session. We understand that you need reversible practice jerseys that are as functional in the gym as they are comfortable for the players. You need jerseys that can stand up to intense sweat and the rough push and tumble action that naturally comes with a great game of basketball.

If you are going to hit it hard on the court and win the game, you have to hit it hard in practice. That requires top quality reversible practice jerseys designed specifically for hardcore ballers.

We can design excellent reversible practice jerseys for the littlest teams of learning toddlers or design the best jerseys for high school and college teams that know how to play the game as it was meant to be played. This displays our flexibility and in-depth understanding of how reversible practice jerseys for basketball should be designed and manufactured.

When you come to Brand 40 with requests for custom reversible practice jerseys, we focus on three very important things:

– Your Needs
– Your Desires
– Your Expectations

The needs of your team are our first consideration. In order for reversible practice jerseys to be effective and serve your team well, they must be ordered correctly, sewn correctly, and delivered correctly. We take the time to listen and figure out exactly what you need to make the jerseys functional for your team. We make certain all the right sizes are produced and delivered to you in a timely fashion.

We also concern ourselves with your design preferences. If there are specific design requests or concerns that the colors won’t be just right, we are here to assist you in placing and receiving the order efficiently and correctly. We are here to help you get as many of your desires as possible without breaking your budget.

Finally, at Brand 40 we concern ourselves greatly with your expectations. We care what you think of us, want you to refer us to others, and would love to work with you year after year. Whether you are out to purchase a lot of custom reversible practice jerseys that can be worn by one team after another for many years or would like to order fresh reversible practice jerseys every year so each player can take it home at the end of the season with pride, Brand 40 is willing to work out the details along with you.

We are here to ensure that your order meets your needs, fulfills as many of your desires as possible, and lives up to your expectations. We are simply here to supply the best reversible practice jerseys and basketball uniforms.