personalized shooting shirts for basketball is easier
than you think. In just a few minutes, you can convert a plain shirt
into one designed for you and your team. There are many fonts and
graphic designs to use to create outstanding and
unique shooting shirts for basketball.

A traditional shooting shirt usually involves a mascot or team name on
the front and the number and player’s last name on the back. Let’s see
how to create your own shooting shirts for basketball. 
Blotting the shirt:

With the help of a ruler, measure the spot where you want the text or
graphics to appear. By using masking tape or chalk, blot the area that
you measured on the front and back of the shirt. Make a mark at about 2
to 3 inches below the collar where you want to apply the graphic. You
need to make a mark at the mid center on either side of the shirt,
where you will be printing the name, number or graphic. 

How to create designs on shooting shirts for basketball:

1. Rest the front side of the shirt on the surface of the ironing board
and take away the transfer from their section.

2. Set the alteration you prefer (graphic, name of your team or mascot)
directly on the marked area of your preference and go according to the
directions mentioned for the iron-on transfer.

3. Now, put the back layer of the fabric on the ironing board and move
the iron over it. You have to press over the front i.e. the opposite
side of the shirt, where you just placed the graphics.

4. Choose the letters to spell your name and line them up directly
below 2 to 3 inches of the collar where you marked previously. Now,
transfer the letters on the shirt using an iron. Take the number of the
team from the transfer sheet and put it on the mark, which is located
in the center of the shirt. Move the iron over the number.

5. Turn over the shirt again (from back to front) and move the iron
over the graphic mid-center and below the collar to secure the graphics
on them.

By carrying out the given technique you can design
your shooting shirts for basketball on your
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To give a finishing touch to the fabric and make
your Basketball Uniforms look unique, a
marker is the best option to fill the templates. You can opt for making
stars, floral images or add any other personalized design. 
By following the given steps you can easily customize
your shooting
shirts for basketball
and create a
unique identity for your team. You can find high quality, durable and
reliable basketball
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