Last year the Spartans camouflage uniforms really caught some
attention. In November 2011 the Michigan State Spartans played against
the NC Tar Heels in the first Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. Just weeks
before game day, the Spartans revealed their custom basketball team uniforms
for the event. Going for an extra patriotic feel in keeping with the
military theme, none of the players had their names on the back of
their jerseys. Instead, each jersey read “USA” in big letters across
the back. On the front, a small American flag was positioned above and
to the side of the player’s number. But the most striking thing about
the design was the fierce style it brought to the court: the Spartans
appeared in white and gray camouflage.

The Carrier Classic was a huge success. Designed to be equal parts
support-the-troops event and epic college showdown, the Carrier Classic
added a new first to the history of college hoops: it was held on board
the deck of the USS Cal Vinson, an operational aircraft carrier. The
deck was custom-fitted with a giant outdoor basketball court. Stadium
style lights and screens illuminated the court as the sun went down.
Thousands of sailors crowded the stands and the players had to cope
with a court that swayed slightly with the ocean waves. Undeterred,
Michigan brought the fierceness. The Spartans camouflage uniforms faded
in and out of the night as they moved across the court.

Fans have been clamoring to get a hold of their own version of the
Spartans camouflage uniforms, but official response has been slow. The
Carrier Classic is expected to be an annual event, with more camo
jerseys next year, and many teams at all levels are considering getting
camouflage versions of their own uniforms. But many suppliers did not
see the trend coming and failed to put anything into production ahead
of time. The result has been a virtual lockout on camo jerseys.

Luckily there is one company that is ahead of the others. Before
Michigan State even announced the Spartans camouflage uniforms, Brand40
foresaw the next great style for basketball teams. They began to
produce a camo basketball uniform
of their own in September. As sales soared following the Carrier
Classic, they have had to step up production to meet the growing
demand. They have become the outlet for high quality camouflage

These basketball uniforms
are versatile. Many basketball fans are wanting them to wear on the
street or in the stands. At the same time, more teams are contemplating
an official switch to camouflage patterns similar to the Spartans
camouflage uniforms
. These teams are turning to Brand40 to
provide them with regulation uniforms that will bring that sense of
military pride to the court.