jerseys are a way to show team pride and be a team player. You can be
the guy who sits on the bench or the girl that leads your team to
victory but the truth is that team pride is important to the morale of
everyone including your fans, coaches and team members. Quality and
versatile jerseys can make a statement about your school or team that
says, “we are tough and strong and we can make it.”

Brand 40 is your solution to quality and affordable sports jerseys for
your basketball team. We offer you a variety of designs and color
choices to best represent your team. You can even purchase travel gear
that will show your team colors even when you are not on the courts. We
strive to bring you the best in quality and versatility in our lineup
of jersey selections.

Brand 40 is a family owned and operated business based in New Albany, Indiana. We design and distribute basketball uniforms.
We want to share our love for sports and uniforms with you and we do so
through quality materials and workmanship as well as exceptional
customer service and striving to meet our customers’ needs and

Noy Castillo, our founder has a passion for sports jerseys. He
understands first-hand how quality and stylish uniforms can help boost
morale and get your head in the game. As an underdog, he felt
intimidated by the bigger team with the better jerseys. He made a
commitment to make available quality uniforms to every basketball team
in America.

There is something to be said for a quality basketball uniform.
Have you ever noticed how you feel different and present yourself
differently when you are dressed up or in better quality clothing? The
same is true for teams that wear quality sports jerseys.
Subconsciously, they feel better and that leads to them playing better
and striving to be better on the courts. They can look good, feel good
and play great taking on newer and bolder challenges and succeeding.

It may be time for new uniforms if your team jerseys look old and worn
out. Get together with your team to discuss uniform options that
everyone will like. We offer minimum quantities for smaller teams as
well as bigger orders for bigger teams. We look forward to working with
you and being a team player with affordable uniforms.

Take your team to victory in quality uniforms. Please feel free to
browse our website and learn more about us and the products we offer.
Contact us today for a quote on sports jerseys and other gear you want for your team. We look forward to bring you the look and feel your team needs to win.