Womens Basketball Shorts seem like such a simple thing to shop for, but in reality it can get a bit more complicated than you may think. Let’s take a look at three great tips for selecting Womens Basketball Shorts so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised when something goes terribly wrong on the court….or even worse, just before your team hits the court.

#1: Womens Basketball Shorts must be comfortable in all aspects

Womens Basketball Shorts are extremely different in style to all other types of shorts women typically wear. These aren’t fashion shorts to wear while walking down the runway and looks are second in importance to functionality and comfort.

If Womens Basketball Shorts are not entirely comfortable, they will interfere with the player’s game out on the court. For instance, shorts that are too short will make women feel self-conscious or may encourage them to stop to pull them down while in motion.

Shorts that are too tight can restrict movement, which of course is the exact opposite of what Womens Basketball Shorts really need to be doing.

Make sure the shorts selected are at least knee length and that they are tight enough around the waist to feel very secure while allowing plenty of room for movement in the legs.

#2: Womens Basketball Shorts should reflect the style of the team

While the shorts have to be functional for a lot of intense movement and comfortable at all points of the game, they need to be quite stylish as well. The appearance of the overall basketball uniform will boost the morale of the team and have a positive effect on the confidence of individual players.

When you take the time to find Womens Basketball Shorts that are stylish and which the members of the team really like wearing you will increase the chances of your team winning out on the court.

There is a mental aspect to this game and stylish Womens Basketball Shorts go a long way to helping you win that aspect.

#3: Your Womens Basketball Shorts should be unique to your team

One big issue to consider before purchasing a basketball uniform is getting something different from other teams you will be playing against or which operate in your geographical location. You don’t want fans to struggle to tell your team apart from another team, so having your Womens Basketball Shorts and other uniform pieces custom made is a great idea.

When you customize your basketball uniforms you can ensure that you have a very distinct look, even if another team has colors that are very close to your own.

Before you purchase your next batch of Womens Basketball Shorts from Brand 40, take the time to design your custom basketball uniforms so they will be functional, comfortable, stylish and completely unique to the flavor of your team.