Brand 40 announces our very own designer women’s basketball uniform.
Have you been disappointed with the selection of basketball uniforms
available for your women’s basketball team? Do the prices seem too high
or the quality seam too poor?

When you finally find a price you like with the quality you can accept,
do you find that you just cannot find a uniform that fits exactly what
your team is looking for? Brand 40 can take all your headaches away
when it comes to searching for the perfect basketball
for your women’s basketball team.

Brand 40 has an entire team of design specialists waiting to help you
design your next women’s basketball uniform. Coach, if you know exactly
what you are looking for you can relay that information to our design
team and they will put together a sample for you to approve. Maybe you
know what you are looking for but it is all still in your imagination.
Our designers can help to put the picture of the perfect uniform that
you have in your head onto paper.

“That’s great,” you say, “but what about the price, the quality and the
way the uniform needs to fit?” Brand 40 only creates basketball
that are the very best in quality at incredibly reasonable
prices. As for how Brand 40’s uniform will fit each of your team
members; how does perfect sound? We give you a measurement chart and
have you take several measurements. The shorts and jerseys are tailor
fitted to each of your players. We do not just send you a small, medium
and large assortment of uniforms. We send you a custom made women’s
basketball uniform for each one of your players.

In addition to a great women’s basketball uniform we also carry
matching Polo shirts for the coaches. This will really set your team
apart from the ordinary. Then after your coaches are outfitted to match
the team, you can take it to the next level. Put your team in matching
warm up gear. The team will feel great as they hit the court in the
best in warm up jerseys. Do not stop there, though, you have almost
created the perfect basketball experience. All your team needs now is
something to travel in. You guessed it; Brand 40 has a fantastic line
of travel gear. Now you can have the best looking team on the courts
and off. Great quality and great prices come together in order to make
your team a smash hit. Brand 40- the absolute best you can find when
looking for your next women’s basketball uniform.