uniforms have gone through several changes in the past 100
years from fabrics to styles. Womens basketball uniforms have
always seen a variety in the jerseys and the cuts which make the women
feel comfortable and enjoy their game to the fullest. Brand 40 produces
quality uniforms for youth league,. k-12 and college basketball teams.
Technology has been used on a large scale to design uniforms in various

Basketball uniforms and womens basketball
uniforms can be specific to instill a feeling of team
unity  and spirit. Womens
basketball uniforms in a standard situation comprise of
sneakers, socks, tank-top shirts, shorts and so on. Modern basketball uniforms
are manufactured with lightweight fabrics. These uniforms provide
temperature control and a complete comfort zone for the players, which
allows them to give their best on the field.

In the past, uniforms used to comprise of loose track pants and loose
tees. The modern basketball uniforms have a basic design structure for
men and women with slight variations in the cuts for womens
basketball uniforms. 

Basketball uniforms have been designed for youth leagues and
college teams, thus, every player’s uniform shows an identification
mark on the front and the back of the t-shirt. The team name is always
imprinted on the front part while the player’s identification is on the
back. Since womens
basketball uniforms
 are designed for leagues and
college matches, the home team usually has light color uniforms while
the visitor team or the opponent team is distinguished with a dark
color in its uniform.

Brand 40 manufactures basketball team uniforms in
skin friendly fabrics such as rayon or polyester and are often
manufactured in two contrasting colors to give an attractive effect. A
variety in t-shirts can be expected with a V neck or a round neck in
polyester or in rayon or in nylon fabrics. It depends on the choice of
the team.

Women may also prefer sleeveless to tank top[ to cap sleeve uniforms
with shorts, which have a variety of waistbands or drawings. Some
shorts and tees may have a mesh slide for ventilation and temperature
control purposes.
You can also get customized letter uniforms and jerseys if you order
them. Jerseys are another part of the uniform. These jerseys are
manufactured so that they provide enough comfort and have sweat
absorbent abilities. Womens basketball uniforms and jerseys
are made to let the air flow in and out and are basically breathable.
Hence, the material has to be chosen accordingly by the team.

Genuine uniforms are made up of genuine fabric, which costs little more
than the usual fabrics which are not so skin friendly. Women are
generally keener on the fabric they wear, and, hence, womens
basketball uniforms
 have gained great importance as
has the game in recent years.